Monday, March 23, 2009

For My Friend

I am dedicating this blog entry to my DEAR FRIEND Julie... the one who makes me laugh! The one who is always there when I need her the most! The one who listened, the one who cared. The one who took such great care of my daughter as if she was her own. It breaks my heart that you are moving... and I just need you to know that I am so incredibly blessed that you have come into my life! I will never forget all the many things you have done for me. It will not be the same here without you. I wish you nothing but happiness... You will forever be my friend!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Festival at Katie's School

This past Saturday Katie's school had a Spring Festival so I decided to take her to it and have some good Mommy and Katie time which I really needed. I really hadn't seen her all week with work and her going to school all day. She had so much fun! She inhaled a big burger, candy and a snow cone before, during and after she had a marathon running through all the bouncers and games they had spread throughout. I am actually really suprised she didn't make herself sick! It really was a beautiful day outside and I am so glad we got to spend some good quality time together. She also ran around with a couple of her classmates and at times I could barely keep up with her.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Mini-Reunion with Some Old Classmates!!

I just have to say a big thank you to my beloved friend "Facebook" for reuniting me with so many of my old friends! It is so hard to believe how many people I have found on there. Which brings me to my big night out with the old gang from Christ the King school which I attended 4th through 8th grade. It was a private school so our class was with each other each and every grade so we never were seperated and needless to say we were family. I was able to get in touch with so many of them through facebook and some of them I hadn't seen in 19 years. Our big 20 year runion is next year. What is so crazy about it is that almost everyone is still living in Arizona! So there were 11 of us that met up at Cadillac Ranch in Tempe Marketplace Friday night and it was just like old times. All the stories that we were all telling, I was laughing so hard I would cry. What's funny is that obviously we have all changed in 19 years with being married, kids, work ect... but just being around everyone and talking and "remember this and that" we were just as close as we ever were that night! It's like we just picked up where we left off 20 years ago. Some people looked exactly the same, talked the same and had the same laugh! It was such a blessing to me to have the opportunity to have them back in my life.

Katie's Field Trip at the Phoenix Zoo!

So Katie had her big field trip to the Phoenix Zoo Thursday with all of the Kindergarten class (around 130) and I took the day off so that I could go with her and help out. It got a little crazy at times but it was a great day! I got to ride the big yellow bus with them there and it was really loud on there. All the parents were just kinda sitting there wondering what they got themselves into lol. Me being included in that. What was so funny about it was that we were headed down the 101 to the 202 and when we went up on the loop to get to the 202 all the kids were "oohh" and "awwwww" like it was the ride of there life! Who needs the zoo when you can have the 101 and 202 loop!!!! I really enjoyed being there with her and she also felt very lucky to have her mommy there..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The perfect Christmas for a little girl!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Katie was so delighted to open up all her presents from Santa this morning and it was a Barbie paradise in our living room..... We celebrated Christmas with Scott's side of the family last night and had a wonderful time. We do the usual White Elephant gift exchange and we all draw a family members name that we buy for and exchange gifts Christmas Eve. Well this year, Scott's sister Les had Katie, and her and her husband Kerry made Katie this beautiful Victorian style Barbie House. It is sooo awesome! Katie was speechless. It is so perfect for all her barbie stuff. She ended up getting a lot of barbie furniture from Santa and it all ended up fitting in this house. Katie is one happy little girl! Now we will be off to my parents house to celebrate with them. My brother is in town so it will be so nice to have us all together. We hope you all have a wonderful day with your families!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Work Christmas Party

My company that I work for is based out of southern California but there are only 4 techs here in Arizona so they decided to fly us out there Friday so that we could join them for the Christmas party. They also put us up at the Marriott Resort for the night and we flew back Sat. morning. We had such a great time, and we were so grateful that they decided to do that for us. The picture here is of the Arizona techs.

Our "Santa Comes to Town" Block Party

So my neighbor Yvonne and I put together our 2nd annual "Santa Comes to Town" potluck block party last Monday and it really went well. We set up all the tables and food down at the end of our street which is a pretty safe location for the kids to play in the street. We also brought out 3 fire-pits and the kids had so much fun roasting there marshmallows. About an hour later Santa drove up on the Rural Metro Firetruck and surprised all the kids!!! It was amazing to see all there faces and there reactions. The fire department was so kind to help us out with this event. They even put there lights on as they came down the street. I will be honest, my eyes filled up a little with tears because the reactions from the kids was priceless. So Santa had 3 bags full of presents for all the kids (which each parent supplied for there own kids). My neighbor Heidi had this amazing photo Christmas background set up in her garage and she had opened up for Santa to go and sit down in there to hand out all the presents. Heidi also took the time and took pictures of all the kids sitting on his lap getting there gifts. It was so AWESOME that she was able to capture this evening for us and we all thank you Heidi!!! After everyone got pictures with Santa and he handed out all his gifts Santa waved goodbye as he drove down the street in the firetruck... lights, sirens and all!!! The evening was so memorable!!! Thanks to everyone who helped us make this so special!

Chillin' on a Sunday Afternoon

Chillin' on a Sunday Afternoon

Girls Night!!!

Girls Night!!!
All us girls got comfy on the couch with are girly drinks ready to watch the "Sex and the City" movie. We need to do these relaxing girl nights more often!!! Right to Left... Patty, Heidi, Crystal, and Kim and yours truely behind the camera!

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!!
This was taken outside Katie's class in the playground area before school on Halloween. They were going to start out the day with a costume parade which was awesome, there were so many cute costumes. I had the day off of work that day so was able to be a class helper which ended up being a fabulous day. Katie couldn't have been happier to have her mom there all day!!

Katie's Birthday

Katie's Birthday
We had so many kids that were the same age at Katie's Birthday it was awesome. This picture is priceless. All the little ones in this picture were all the same size.

Happy Birthday to you!!!! 6 years old...